Mario Ochoa – Lockdown

Filed Under (House, Tech) on 16-03-2013

Mario Ochoa – Lockdown

Artist: Mario Ochoa
Title: Lockdown
Genre: Tech House
Label: 100% Pure
Quality: 320 kbps

For the 22nd digital only release on 100%% Pure we gladly welcome back MARIO OCHOA. Following his 2012 releases ‘Taken’ and ‘The Chant’ on 100%% Pure, we just had to invite Mario Ochoa back for some more. The Colombian DJ’s productions are as colourful and diverse as the country he originates from, with the global techno, house, tech house charts becoming his second home. It was in 2003 when he first started to bring the Latin American heat to the international club systems, his “Habla Con La Luna” becoming an Ibiza anthem the same year and licensed to over 90 mixes. Since then his sound has been travelling the global party hotspots and his releases have been regulars in the international charts, like “The Indian Express” from the “Taken” EP on 100%% Pure in 2012. And now he’s back with us for the epic ‘Lockdown’ EP, ready to bring infinite bliss to the club crowds. LOCKDOWN: Fire in the hole everybody! This breathtaking track has a captivating groove and an exceptionally delicious melody that locks you in. Get ready, because no one can stop this bomb from exploding on the dance floor. NATURAL SELECTION: With a reverberating beat, massive sound effects and a melody that won’t quit, ‘Natural Selection’ is the accumulation of all that is good about dance music. Just like Charles Darwin intended with his survival of the fittest doctrine, this track will outlive many of its kind.

Mario Ochoa – Lockdown (Original Mix) 7:40
Mario Ochoa – Natural Selection (Original Mix) 7:36